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madrid in 9 walks

Spain’s sunny days make it a magnet for travellers seeking a laid-back relaxing holiday, but Madrid is no place for lazing about. Whether exploring the city’s world-class art museums, gazing at architectural marvels while sipping a coffee at a sidewalk café or rollicking the night away at a tapas bar in the Barrio de las Letras, the many attractions in Madrid are simply too captivating to miss.

Being one of Spain’s major destinations, I decided to join forces with travel writers Cecília Candeias and Tony Gálvez, authors of Espanha Total, the best online guide about Spain in Portuguese. Together, we have designed, tested and written a complete itinerary guide that offers you

  • Step-by-step indications on what to see, when to visit, and where to eat (we’ve tried everything for you!)
  • Detailed directions to explore the best of Madrid as you wish, organizing your time to visit the city at your own pace
  • Several walks that can easily be linked together so you can organize half or full day routes
  • Stops along the road to visit attractions or grab a bite, so you can rest and fully enjoy a relaxed stroll
  • Everything you need to know on how to get to Madrid and how to move around thanks to a fabulous public transport network


And since it’s a downloadable Madrid itinerary guide, you can have it immediately. You won’t be charged any delivery fees and you won’t need to wait for it to be shipped.

So if you are thinking about planning your trip to Madrid in advance and would like to explore the lively corners of this city that never sleeps, this guide is right for you!

“The guide is aesthetically perfect, as usual: great pictures, easy to read, clear organization of the highlights and the sections, and the maps are just awesome. It is also extremely hepful that, apart from the sellf-guided walks, you deliver a wide range of priceless informations about Madrid in general, including transport and weather tips. As for the walks, they offer plenty of insider hints, including not only the most popular highlights, but also some neighborhoods that travellers often ignore. This is a guide not only for first time travellers but also for those who know have already been to Madrid.” — Mari Campos, travel writer and editor of Mari Pelo Mundo


madrid in 9 walks


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The Perfect Trip To Madrid Already Planned

‘Madrid In 9 Walks’ is here to help you.

Looking for practical information about Madrid can be overwhelming. So you’re poring through all sorts of Spain websites, brochures, forums… and now it’s even more confusing than when you started.

The biggest advantage of an eBook is the instant delivery. There is no packaging and shipping to pay for, no waiting time. So you can download it and start reading straight away!

Producing hard copy books takes a long time. The information in travel guide books is usually at least one year old (when they are brand new), often much older. But this eBook is updated all the time. That’s invaluable when travelling in a city where things change as fast as they do in Madrid.

When we become aware of a change, we can update the relevant section in a flash. The eBook has current information and prices for this year.

You also get notified of those changes. Subscribe to the newsletter to receive the regular updates so if anything changes, you’ll hear about it. That way, you will always have the newest information.

Would you like to see how the itinerary guide looks like? Don’t worry. I would too, so here is a peek inside:

madrid in 9 walks

“I just bought ‘Madrid in 9 Walks’ and let me tell you: it’s extraordinary!” — Marcie Grynblat Pellicano, editor of Abrindo o Bico


About The Authors

sandracecília and tony

‘Madrid In 9 Walks’ is the result of a collaboration between Seville Traveller, and Espanha Total, the best guide online in Portuguese about Spain.

Both Espanha Total and Passaporte BCN are the result of years of work produced by travel writers and photographers Cecília Candeias and Tony Gálvez. They are passionate world explorers, spent 13 years discovering Brazil, and are the editors of other online projects including the Brazil Travel Blog, De viaje a Brasil, De viaje a la Patagonia, and Guia de Cingapura.

The three of us love to travel independently, and have helped dozens of friends to organize itineraries and trips throughout the world. Given the success of previous collaborations, Cecília, Tony decided to join forces on this challenging project with the aim of putting up the best travel guide about Madrid.

We are extremely proud of the final result, ‘Madrid In 9 Walks’.


Madrid Travel Guide Highlights

  • It is a complete 130+ pages guide featuring exclusive content, relevant websites, rich designed maps and dozens of photos, allowing you to discover Madrid without leaving home.
  • It contains a detailed step-by-step walkthrough of 9 self-guided walks with all the directions and practical information necessary to go from one landmark to the next. You will visit the best highlights while not missing a single thing.
  • Each self-guided walk is exclusive and has been designed by the three of us, who have spent endless hours wandering around Madrid on our own, testing and researching all the tips and recommendations.
  • Every walk has a useful map at the end to provide additional insight and directions. The maps have been created from scratch and will prove incredibly useful once you are there. Additionally, you won’t need an internet connection to check them up if you have downloaded the guide on your smartphone or tablet.
  • It is an interactive Madrid itinerary guide containing lots of links to external sources to explore in detail different areas and neighborhoods through pictures and maps. Use them to check updated ticket fares and opening times as well.
  • It offers suggestions of bars and restaurants along each walk where you can have a proper meal, have a snack or simply have some rest without leaving the path.
  • And you have a 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee!


That’s right. You have 60 days to get a full refund.

If for any reason, you aren’t satisfied with this Madrid travel guide or it simply didn’t meet your expectations, just say so and I will immediately refund you 100%. No questions will be asked, no exhausting procedures. You will get ALL your money back.


madrid in 9 walks


barcelona seville granada madrid toledo bundle

Happy travels!