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Atletico de Madrid Tickets: Online Purchase Complete Guide

Atlético de Madrid play in Madrid on a biweekly basis according to La Liga calendar. However, depending on the time of the season and their success on the different competitions Atlético participate in, you can attend other matches if it suits you best. In any case, you should miss the chance to experience how the ‘Colchoneros’ support their team.

The Club Atlético de Madrid host their home matches at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium, where the incredible atmosphere will surround and absorb you as soon as you enter it. It was inaugurated in 1994, and reconverted in 2017 into a football stadium with a capacity for more than 67,700 fans. Can you imagine all these people shouting and singing simultaneously?

Below is a complete guide to help you buy Betis tickets online. You just have to select the match you plan to attend and pick your seat. Easy and instant access!

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Tips To Buy Your Atletico de Madrid Tickets

  • Have a look at the official calendar of matches and verify that Atlético play home. Look for the matches where the Atlético club’s name comes first (e.g. Club Atlético de Madrid – FC Barcelona). If not, Atlético plays away.
  • Make sure about the final date and time of the match. These details are confirmed only a few days before.
  • As a rule of thumb a match takes place on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday. However, Liga matches may take place on weekdays because of other official competitions (e.g. Copa del Rey).
  • Ticket prices vary according to several factors: the importance of the rival, the seat location, the day of the week the match takes place, whether the match is aired on free TV or not, and the competition (Liga, Copa del Rey, Champions League or Europa League).
  • Unfortunately, the current system doesn’t allow you to buy your Atletico de Madrid tickets months or even weeks in advance. As a matter of fact, you will only be able to purchase your tickets a few days in advance.
  • However, Atlético de Madrid and Real Madrid FC never play at home the same week which means that there is a soccer match every single week in Madrid. So if you have no real preference for one club or the other, you always have a chance to get tickets.
  • On the ticket, ‘Puerta’ is the door number that you enter, ‘Sector’ is the block, ‘Fila’ is the row, and ‘Número’ is the seat number.

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Learn What Seats Are Best

The Atlético’s stadium is organized as follows:

  • Lateral Oeste (West side)
  • Lateral Este (East side)
  • Fondo Norte (North rear)
  • Fondo Sur (South rear)

The two rears are divided into lower, middle and upper stands. The two sides have lower and upper stands.

These tips will help you select your seats.

  • To start with, check the seating chart.
  • As you can imagine, better seats are much more expensive than other with less visibility.
  • In the Wanda Metropolitano stadium the areas are Lateral Oeste, Lateral Este, Fondo Norte and Fondo Sur (Lateral Oeste being the best).
  • Generally speaking, the seats located on each side of the field are better. From there you can see both goals, having one on your left and the other on your right. Additionally, the seats closer to the midfield and in the mid stands are the best ones.
  • Certain matches are particularly popular and the high demand makes it hard to find tickets. Expect higher prices and less availability in those matches involving strong teams (e.g. Sevilla FC or FC Barcelona) or their historical rival, Real Madrid Fútbol Club.
  • Sometimes, you may even not find tickets to seat next to your party. Nevertheless, try to buy tickets in the same zone, they will be reasonably close to each other.
  • Most of the seats are located in sheltered areas inside the stadium but if it’s cloudy, bring a raincoat or an umbrella (just in case!).

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Access Your Seats

Have a closer look at your ticket so you can get to your seat easily once you enter the stadium.

Your Atlético de Madrid tickets include the following information:

Each location of the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium is assigned a specific name, and the hallways are well signposted for easy identification. You won’t have any problem finding your way, but if you end up walking in the wrong direction show your tickets to the staff and ask them for directions.

Gate and stairway: They clearly indicate what bleachers, amphitheaters and galleries you need to access to.

Sector: Each of the sectors is marked with a three-digit number and divided by corridors. The first digit indicates the level of the seat and the other two correspond to the sectors. For instance, 2xx bleacher, 3xx gallery, 4xx first amphitheater, 5xx second amphitheater…

Row: Once you have located your sector, you should be in front of the row in which your seat is located.

Seat: Now all you have to do is find your seat. As soon as you are at your seat relax and enjoy a great match. Oh, don’t miss out the supporters while singing the club’s anthem!

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