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City Travel: Madrid To/From

When it comes down to travel Madrid is an extremely easy destination to get to. Almost 80 airlines, excellent train networks and buses that trains that frequently arrive and depart from the city are all excellent options. It will all depend on your schedule and itinerary.


Using Public Transport: Madrid

Save time, stress and money getting around the city on public transport. Madrid has the best transport network of all major European cities and probably one of the best and cheapest public transport in the world. Apart from its efficiency and cleanliness, it takes you everywhere you’d like to go both in and out of the city, especially if you plan to do a day trip.


Transport In Madrid

If you are planning to travel to Madrid, you probably know by now that the city is easily reached from other Spanish cities and hundreds of international airports. On top of it, finding cheap air flights to Spain shouldn’t be difficult given that roughly 80 airlines operate at Barajas airport.


Avoid Bad Surprises Using The Madrid Taxi Service

As a rule of thumb the Madrid taxi service works perfectly fine. Taxis are available everywhere, and they drive you wherever you want. Drivers are in general nice and reliable and the vehicles are in good shape.


Madrid Taxi: Service And Transport

The official Madrid taxi is white with a red diagonal stripe across the front door. Using a taxi in Madrid is a comfortable and fast option compared to other means of public transport, particularly if you are in a rush and need to be somewhere in a short time.


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