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Madrid Bus Station: Estación Sur

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Madrid Bus Station: Estación Sur

Madrid’s main bus station is called Estación Sur de Autobuses. It is also known as Méndez Álvaro, the neighborhood where it is located. Madrileños use both names so don’t get confused.


About Estación Sur

The bus station serves mainly routes to the south, east and northwest.

The two most important bus companies in Spain are Alsa and Avanza but there are also many regional and smaller companies operating from here.

If you want to know more about the available routes to and from Estación Sur, the website has a search tool. Unfortunately the website is only in Spanish but it’s easy to use.

Once you enter the website, click on “Horarios Internacionales” on the left menu. Then you need to select either the departures from Madrid (red tab “Salidas de Madrid”) or the arrivals (blue tab “Llegadas a Madrid”). Now, click on the first drop-down menu “País” and select the country. Again, click on the second drop-down menu “Población” and select the city or town. Finally, select the date (“Fecha”) and click “Buscar” (Search).

The results display

  • The times (hora).
  • The frequency where L (lunes) is Monday, M (martes) is Tuesday, X (miércoles) is Wednesday, J (jueves) is Thursday, V (viernes) is Friday, S (sábado) is Saturday and D (domingo) is Sunday.
  • The company (empresa) with a link to its website.
  • The dates (temporada) in which the company operates the route.
  • The phone numbers (tlf. contacto) of the company.


Bus tickets can be purchased at the Alsa and Avanza websites. Alternatively, you can use Movelia, a very useful tool including most of the smaller bus companies.


How To Get There

Estación Sur de Autobuses (or Méndez Alvaro) is in the south of Madrid. The exact address is c/ Méndez Álvaro, 83.

The bus station is also an intercambiador de transporte, or public transportation hub. It includes the Metro, city buses, Cercanías trains, interurban buses, interregional buses and international buses.

There is a Metro station inside the premises, Méndez Álvaro, on line 6 (grey).

Unfortunately, there are no Metro direct routes from Atocha, Chamartín or Barajas airport. Therefore if you have lots of luggage it might be preferable to use an alternative.

The best way to reach Estación Sur from Atocha, Chamartín or Barajas airport is to use the Cercanías train, line C-1 (light blue). Despite the airport train station is located in Terminal T4, it is worth to move around the airport. You will avoid changing lines (if you used the Metro) and traffic jams (if you caught a bus).

Additionally, Cercanías lines C-5 (yellow), C-7 (red) and C-10 (light green) also stop at Estación Sur.

Would you like to know how to purchase a Cercanías train ticket?

Obviously, you can also get there by bus (lines 8, 102, 113, 148, 152, 156, N11) and taxi.

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