Madrid experiences: enjoy the city like a local

madrid experiences

Don’t stick to the regular Madrid experiences. Enjoy it like a local instead. Few European capitals can compare to Madrid when it comes to spoil visitors with an incredibly good time.

While Madrid is full of plenty of tourist attractions, there are endless opportunities to have an authentic experience during your stay.

With its great vibe, lively culture, and delicious cuisine, few cities can compare to the things that you can live while in Madrid. And while locations like the Museo del Prado, Parque del Retiro, and the Palacio Real usually top visitors’ bucket list, oftentimes it’s the lesser-known spots that create the richest experiences.

In the spirit of channeling your inner wanderlust, I set out to discover the best places in Madrid that fly under the radar. This isn’t your ordinary travel guide: read on to discover my picks for some of the best things to do, see, and eat in Madrid — and experience the city like a true Madrileño.

Things to do in Madrid

With so much to choose from, it can be difficult to decide what to do in Madrid while you are here. Sure, there is the Museo del Prado and the Plaza Mayor, but what about all these things Madrileños love and lots of first-time visitors will miss?

But you don’t have to content yourself with the obvious. An independent traveler like you should explore off the beaten path and go beyond the usual tourist haunts. After all, aren’t these small hidden treasures the point of traveling?

Free walking tours in Madrid

Taking a free Madrid walking tour has become a regular practice among many tourists. After all, who doesn’t like to get a nice service for free? But, are these tours actually “free”?

The purpose of this article is to unveil the reality behind the free walking tours, to question if they are really free, and to provoke a reflection about this type of service.

Madrid walking tours

Why should you book one of these Madrid walking tours? Because you will get the most out of your stay.

These tours provide a leisurely yet insightful sense of Madrid, its culture, food and history. You can choose from many walking tours – historical tours, gastronomical tours, specific tours of monuments, and tours that cover all of the best of Madrid.

With all these options, how do you choose a tour that’s right for you, and just as importantly, avoid some of the pitfalls, at a reasonable price? Fortunately, all you need to know is here. No need to do further research.

Other Madrid experiences

The number of Madrid experiences is endless. If you get your timing right, you can visit some of the most popular museums and monuments in Madrid, while experiencing the city in a very original way.

I’ve come up with a list of experiences that doesn’t include typical tourist attractions. These timeless things to do in Madrid are the must dos from years of experience. I’ve tried them all myself, that’s why I recommend them…

Day trips from Madrid

Day trips from Madrid are incredibly rewarding and, in most cases, just an hour away. If you are visiting the capital you should organize your agenda to visit at least one of these historic towns.

All of them are exciting getaways to tranquil and charming locations where the relaxed pace and the superb architecture will captivate your senses. Moreover, you won’t have any excuse to postpone your day trip when you discover how easy it is to get there.

Travel to other Spain destinations

Apart from living a handful of Madrid experiences, you may plan to visit other cities and regions in Spain. Destinations may include cultural cities, landscape locations and idyllic beaches. Didn’t you know that Spain has it all?

Unfortunately, with so much to see and do, one trip to Spain is simply not enough. If you are like the rest of us mortals and travel only for a limited number of days (or weeks, lucky you!), this section will help you choose among the most interesting Spanish highlights.

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