The Madrid Museum Pass: a useful tool for savvy travelers

madrid museum pass

The Madrid Museum Pass is the perfect tool if you want to see all the best art museums in Madrid.

Why waiting to get to Madrid? Get your Madrid Museum Pass online right now.

Madrid is home to some of the world’s most famous museums and monuments, celebrated for their incredible art, history, and cultural treasures. However, their popularity often means facing long lines and wait times. This is where the Madrid Museum Pass comes in handy.

The Madrid Museum Pass is a great solution to avoid these long queues. It allows you to skip the lines at the top 3 museums in Madrid.

Let’s explore what this museum pass offers and how it enhances your visit to these iconic attractions.

What’s included in the Madrid Museum Pass?

Each Madrid Museum Pass includes the following for visiting Madrid:

  • Prado Museum: Skip the line access to the permanent collection and some of the temporary exhibitions.
  • Reina Sofía Center: Skip the line access to the permanent collection and some of the temporary exhibitions.
  • Thyssen Museum: Skip the line access to the permanent collection.

Getting this pass means that you can save up to 20% on admission fees and see the permanent exhibitions at three top museums in Madrid.

Pro tip: You might find a long waiting line during the weekends’ free-entry hours. I suggest booking online if you are short on time and don’t want to miss it. Also, plan what you would like to see: the Prado Museum is huge, and you can spend hours there.

How does the Madrid Museum Card work?

The Madrid Museum Pass is entirely digital, making your visit to the Prado Museum, the Reina Sofía Center and the Thyssen Museum more convenient.

When you book, you’ll only need to choose the date for your visits. There’s no need to book a specific time, so you can visit all 3 museums at your own pace and without any hurry.

Once you’ve booked, your tickets will be sent directly to your email. There’s no hassle of printing them; you can simply display them on your phone. This digital approach has a significant benefit: when you arrive in Madrid, you can start exploring right away. You can go straight to the city center without the need to stop and collect any physical tickets.

Is the Madrid Museum Pass worth it?

The Madrid’s museum pass is the perfect tourist card if you’re only in Madrid for 1-2 days on your journey through Spain.

That being said, you may have very different priorities on your trip to Madrid. If you only want to visit one museum, the pass may not be worth it. You really do have to make the assessment yourself.

But here are the reasons why I recommend it:

1. Save money

It’s the reason you looked for a discount card in the first place, isn’t it?

Apart from skipping the line at each of Madrid’s top three museums, you’ll save up to 20%.

2. Skip the line at Madrid’s most popular attractions

It grants you priority access to most museums and monuments — without having to pre-purchase tickets for specific times.

This is huge if you have limited time in Madrid. Many of the most popular museums regularly have wait times of 30 minutes or more. But if you have the museum pass, you can skip that line. You still have to go through a security check, but the lines are shorter.

Meanwhile, you can keep the spontaneity of visiting whatever museums you want in whatever order you want — you’re not bound by pre-planned visit times.

3. It’s completely digital

The Madrid Museum Card stands out from other discount cards in the city because it’s completely digital. This means you don’t have to go through the hassle of collecting physical tickets. You won’t need to worry about going to a specific location in the busy center of Madrid during limited office hours, nor will you have to bother with printing out tickets or the risk of losing them.

With the Madrid Museum Card, you can book everything comfortably from your home, at a pace that suits you. Once you’ve booked, all you need to do is show the tickets on your smartphone. It’s that simple and convenient!

Madrid Museum Card FAQ

Does the Madrid Museum Pass include public transport?

No, the Madrid Museum Pass doesn’t include public transport. There’s a specific travel city pass that you’ll need to get as well.

Do I have to pick anything up?

No, all tickets will be sent online.

Do I absolutely have to select my visiting dates for all 3 museums?

Yes, it’s fundamental to get your tickets sent.

Can I visit the Prado Museum, the Reina Sofía Center and the Thyssen Museum any day of the week?

You can visit the museums any day of the week, except Mondays at the Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza.

How much time do I have between the purchasing and the visiting date?

Your Madrid Museum Pass is valid for one year after you redeem it.

Note that you should save the ticket, as you must show it at the entrance to each of the three museums. You can choose whether to visit all 3 museums in one day or one every month, etc. The main thing is to meet the deadline. The date you indicate at the time of booking is the day when you can exchange the coupon for the tickets by visiting one of three museums.

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