The Madrid Card

The Madrid Card is a city pass or tourist card. It is a useful tool that you should get as soon as you start planning your trip to Madrid, and before you leave home. Once you have your Madrid Card, you are the owner of a discount card good for a set number of attractions or 7 days with full access to over 20 museums and attractions.

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What is the Madrid Card?

An Madrid Card package includes a range of attractions, experiences and things to do all on one single smartcard. Each Madrid Card is loaded with a package of your choice. Your choice of experiences varies depending on which package you choose so you can actually create your own experience!

To make things easier, your Madrid Card is a smart pass. It includes a chip with all your details and the package of attractions that you have purchased. The card is personal and non transferable so you show it at the museum or attraction you are visiting. Tickets are already taken care of so you have nothing to worry about.

Because you can buy it online instantly, it will be activated the first time you use it, not at the time of purchase.

It’s an all-inclusive package that will help you save time and money, so arrange everything from your computer and have it in your hands by the time you get to Madrid. Once you get to your destination, collect your Madrid Card and can start visiting the city right away!

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How do you use your Madrid Card?

When you are ready to start using your card, simply present it on arrival at each attraction to gain entry.

Additionally, you’ll have priority access to some attractions. In other words, once you arrive to these attractions, you can go to the front of the entrance line avoiding all lines.

Furthermore, you will receive a free full color, easy to reference guide with your card. The guide provides all of the information that you need about the attractions and it includes a handy map. Alternatively, you can use the online interactive map to have a look at all of the attractions and experiences included in your package.

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What are the Madrid Card options available?

The Madrid Card includes several packages that give you maximum flexibility and options to suit your interests and travel schedule. The best part? You can even change your plans or make decisions as you go, no fuss!

1. The Flexi Attraction Pass is a smart card that offers activity packages with which you will be able to save up to 40%. You only have to choose your favorite attractions and incorporate them in your card. We offer you a great range of more than 20 attractions such as Madrid City Tour, tours, museums and entertainment.

The card is available in two different formats.

  • Flexi Attraction Pass: 3 tickets to choose.
  • Flexi Attraction Pass: 5 tickets to choose.

2. The Unlimited Attraction Pass includes Madrid City Tour, the top Madrid must see and most popular attractions, day tours and dining establishments.

Choose from over 20 attractions to enjoy at your own pace over 7 days.

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Do you have to use your Madrid Card in consecutive days?

This only applies to the Unlimited Attraction Pass. All unlimited Attraction Pass packages are based on the number of day’s duration you purchased.

For example, the Madrid Attractions Pass package is valid for consecutive days only. When you purchase the 7-day package and you start to use it on a Tuesday, it will be valid for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday of that week.

If your travel plans do not suit consecutive days of use, then you may be interested in our 3 or 5 ticket packages with the Madrid Attractions Pass. With these packages you have the flexibility to visit 3 or 5 attractions across 7 days from the date of card issuance. Both package types offer a range of top attractions to choose from.


Why should you buy it?

The first reason is because it’s cheaper to buy this card than to buy all the tickets separately, so you’ll save a lot of money. The Madrid Card gets you free entrance into 20+ museums and monuments, including the ones you want to see.

Most importantly, you get to bypass the loooong ticket lines, saving lots of time. This is an amazing time saver and alone is worth the cost of the pass.

Additionally, apart from enabling you to visit monuments and museums you can also use it on tourist buses, shops and restaurants.

Once you purchase the Madrid city pass you are instantly booking your tickets in advance. This means that your admittance is guaranteed, no matter how many people are waiting to get in. Bear in mind that you can visit every attraction only once, so make sure the day of your planned visit the attraction is open.

The validity of your Madrid Card is solely for 7 consecutive days and the expiry date and time depend on what you purchase, and when you activate it. This is the main advantage of buying it in advance since it won’t expire until after you start using it.

Additionally, this city pass also gives you special discounts at top-notch restaurants, and a flamenco show.

Are you traveling with children? Their pass will cost 20-30% less than your city pass, so you will save even more.

With so much to see and do, the Madrid Card is the best tool to simplify your trip. You will save time and money, and everything will be solved from day one. Why waiting to get to Madrid to arrange everything when you can do it now?

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