Guide to bullfighting in Madrid

bullfighting in madrid

This guide to bullfighting in Madrid will tell you everything you need to know if you want to experience one of the best-known Spanish customs.

Get your Madrid bullfight tickets online now.

Read a complete guide on how to buy your Madrid bullfight tickets.

Find out when bullfights take place in Madrid, learn how to buy your bullfight tickets, and most importantly, read all the practical information to make the most out of this exceptional event.

Interested in attending some bullfighting in Madrid?

The first decision that you should take while planning your trip to Madrid is whether you want to attend a bullfight or not.

But… what exactly is a bullfight?

To sum it up, it’s an event in which the bullfighters, on foot or on horseback, confront six bulls in an enclosed space built for this purpose.

Check the Madrid bullfighting official schedule

Now that you are convinced that this is one of the events you plan to attend during your trip, find out when bullfights take place in Madrid.

Las Ventas, Madrid’s bullring, holds bullfights every year from March until October. So before getting your tickets, have a look at the Madrid bullfighting official schedule.

How to buy your Madrid bullfight tickets

If you are interested in buying bullfight tickets to attend a corrida in Madrid, have a look at a complete and step by step explanation on how to get your tickets online.

Moreover, with this tutorial you will learn all the details on the seating structure to help you choose the best seats according to your preferences and budget and where to buy the tickets.

Even though you could also go to the bullring ticket office or get them from one of the peddlers wandering around the plaza, you risk not having tickets for that precise day and the peddlers will ask you to pay an overprice. That’s why I always recommend to purchase your Madrid bullfight tickets online.

Go to Las Ventas: Madrid bullfighting ring

The most important bullring in Spain is Las Ventas, located in Madrid. The capital is the mecca of bullfighting because of its tradition, the audience’s thoroughness towards the toreros and the impressive size of its bullring.

Las Ventas is a huge venue (it sits 23,798 spectators) in which is relatively easy to get lost, so I suggest you read this full guide on the bullring.

It’s essential that you learn how to get to the bullring so you are not late!

How to attend a bullfight in Madrid

Attending a bullfight can be a once in a lifetime experience.

Unfortunately, it can also be quite upsetting if you are not familiar with all the elements involved – bullfighting is highly ritualized and full of traditions.

Therefore, knowing the rules and what happens at every moment will definitively make your experience richer.

Most travelers don’t realize that you need some preparation beforehand if you truly intend to understand and get a certain feeling during a bullfight.

Of course, you can do as most foreigners do: have a quick look at the schedule, get your tickets and go to the bullring without really knowing what you are about to see. It is definitely the best way to avoid spoilers!

But if you want to feel what a Madrileño feels in Las Ventas (or at least try hard to) there are certain things that you should do before and during the bullfight.

Have a look at my practical guide on how to attend a bullfight in Madrid.

6 tips to enjoy bullfighting in Madrid

When should you arrive to Las Ventas and how should you get there?

Is there some sort of dressing code?

What should you bring with you?

These are some of the most frequent questions that I get from my readers. As a matter of fact, as soon as the bullfighting season in Madrid approaches, the number of questions increases dramatically…

That’s why I decided to gather a series of practical tips, based on your questions and on my own experience, to help you out.

Additional information on bullfighting in Madrid

Outside Spain there is very little understanding of what is a bullfight, what happens exactly during the event and how to experience it like a local.

So, do your homework before the bullfight and read on the subject as much as you can:

  • Understanding the Spanish bullfight rules is essential if you want to have a rough idea what goes on at the bullring during a bullfight.
  • These 7 bullfight tips will help you make the most out of the experience whether you go to a bullfight in Madrid or somewhere else in Spain.
  • Here are some general questions that may arise while you consider attending a bullfight. The answers provide all the practical information you need to know before taking any decision.
  • Finally, have a look at a complete glossary of bullfighting terms.

Start planning your upcoming trip to Madrid

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