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Bicycle Tips: Avoid Theft

Here are some general bicycle tips that will help you to prevent bike theft, whether the bike is yours or a rented one. Trust me, it’s not very nice to discover early in the morning right before going to explore the city or after a pleasant dinner with your friends that your bike has been stolen…


Riding A Bike: Madrid Is Not A Bicycle-Friendly City

Are you considering riding a bike?Madrid, unlike many other cities in Spain, is not bike friendly. It has few cycle paths and no citywide bike rental scheme as in Seville or Barcelona.


The Madrid Multi Card

Have you heard about the Madrid Multi Card? It’s surely the easiest and best way to use Madrid’s public transport in an convenient and cheap way. If you’re familiar with other New York’s MetroCard or London’s Oyster card, then this should be easy.


Madrid Buses

Madrid buses are, along with the Metro, the best way to move around the city. Apart from being an efficient and cheap means of transport, you can get anywhere you want, including the airport, and the main bus (Estación Sur and Avenida de América) and train stations (Atocha and Chamartín).


Madrid Subway

For price and convenience, the Madrid subway – also called Metro, can’t be beat. It has some 300+ stations throughout the city, so chances are there is a Metro station near where you want to go.


How To Purchase Renfe Train Tickets Online

Are you looking to purchase your Renfe train tickets online? You would like to plan your train trips in advance because Renfe offers superb cheap online tariffs not available at ticket offices or travel agencies.


Car Parking In Madrid

Car parking in Madrid can be a challenge because on-street parking is paid and controlled. Moreover, Madrid Central has a very limited access.


Madrid By Car Rental

Visiting Madrid by car rental? Why? Without a doubt the city is better explored by foot!


Getting To Madrid: Rental Car

You may be tempted to rent a car while in Spain. Getting to Madrid by car is easy: Spain has a modern road network and the city is particularly well connected.


Drive In Spain With An International Driver’s Licence

You should definitely get an international driver’s license if you intend to drive during a road trip around Spain.


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