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Essential guide to flamenco in Spain

How important is flamenco in Spain?


Complete guide to feel flamenco: Madrid tablaos and other venues

Where can you see flamenco? Madrid is not its cradle, but it’s where much of the talent is. As result, the offer of flamenco is endless and you can choose among many options where flamenco dancing and singing are beautifully performed.


Where to see flamenco in Madrid: tablaos


Where can you see flamenco in Madrid? You have many good options (a tablao, a bar flamenco or other small venues). But if this is your first contact with the flamenco culture, the easiest and most enjoyable option is to go to a tablao.


Experience an authentic flamenco show: Madrid has tons of great options

Are you keen to see a flamenco show? Madrid offers a wide variety of relatively small and intimate venues where you may discover your passion for flamenco.


How to enjoy the best flamenco in Madrid

You can enjoy the best flamenco in Madrid going to a flamenco bar. These are small bars where the atmosphere is more intimate and secluded.


Best flamenco show in Madrid: Corral de la Morería

What is the best flamenco show in Madrid? Where can you enjoy an evening in Madrid and be immersed in the art of flamenco?


How to enjoy flamenco dancing in Madrid

How to experience the best flamenco dancing? Madrid is where the best artists perform. It is, without a doubt, one of the best cities in Spain to enjoy an authentic flamenco show.


Improve your style: take flamenco lessons in Madrid!

Unsurprisingly flamenco lessons have become very popular in Madrid. They are a perfect way to connect with the dancing culture of a city famous for being the origin of flamenco.