The best place to take flamenco dance lessons in Madrid

flamenco dance lessons

If you love to dance, you should take flamenco dance lessons while you’re in Madrid!

Watching a flamenco show can be an emotional and exciting experience, but why stop there?

Book a flamenco lesson so that you and your friends enjoy a fun morning or afternoon, learning an easy choreography which is taught by experienced professionals.

Ideally, after the class you should also attend a flamenco show.

Find out more about the art of flamenco and where to take a flamenco class in Madrid below!

Take flamenco dance lessons in Madrid

The introductory class is envisaged for individuals or a group wishing to experience flamenco for the first time.

So it could be a cool activity if you’re traveling with a group of friends, your family or you want to offer a special gift. And this activity is absolutely suitable for both women and men!

On this unique flamenco experience, you’ll learn by dancing flamenco while immersing yourself into the flamenco dance culture. You’ll get more than a rhythm, palms and dance lesson – you’ll get to understand this awesome art better and why it’s known worldwide.

  1. You’ll begin with exercise and rhythm techniques.
  2. Then, you’ll learn by doing basic flamenco body positions for arms, hands and foot movements and how to dance a flamenco routine.
  3. Finally, after some body work, you’ll be ready to reproduce an unique routine.

Your professional teacher will teach you from scratch, so just go with the flow!

Why should you book a flamenco class?

If you decide to attend a flamenco show, this will give you a better understanding of its intensity, the difficulties of performing and the hours of practice it requires.

But let’s talk about what you’ll experience…

This is a class for total beginners so you’ll start from zero and you’ll learn a brief introduction of flamenco’s origins, concepts and culture.

Your teacher will go on barking everything into pieces:

  • Basic body positions and basic arms-hands work.
  • Professional footwork.
  • Flamenco rhythms and palmas (hand clapping).

After feeling comfortable with them, you’ll start matching the pieces to learn and dance a fun flamenco routine in one flamenco style.

Fall in love with the arm and hand movements and put your own into practice whether you’re male or female. Enjoy trying a variety of movements to find the ones you like best. And the best of it all is that you don’t need any previous knowledge of flamenco.

Just be ready to surprise yourself while having tons of fun!

What to expect in your flamenco dance lessons

This basic course is designed for anyone who is brand new to flamenco and wants to take their first steps to discover this beautiful art form, giving you a basic understanding of what flamenco dance is and how to learn it.

You’ll learn the essential rhythms, bodywork and footwork particular to flamenco:

  • Upper body technique. You’ll strengthen your core and arm muscles while learning primary body positions. Your teacher will make sure you focus on correct posture and positioning to effectively and successfully execute body movements. Your learning of flamenco will be supported by repetitive, slow movements.
  • Footwork. It’s important that you learn the different footwork techniques. You’ll focus on the exact muscles you need to engage while practicing through a series of exercises.
  • Rhythm & palmas. You’ll study palmas (rhythmic hand-clapping) – an essential skill for any flamenco dancer.
  • Choreography. At the end of the class you’ll put all you new acquired skills into practice by combining steps in succession to form short combinations. Then, your teacher will turn them into a short choreography. Little by little, you’ll learn to combine steps in succession.

What is so special about this flamenco professional studio?

We’re talking about a renowned flamenco school in Madrid, established in 1994. Notable flamenco artists like Sara Baras and Joaquín Cortés have studied here.

It offers classes in all flamenco disciplines, including singing, dancing, and guitar playing. The school is famous for its flexible approach, allowing students to choose their classes and levels.

The school to is made up of teachers who are artists and all of them are authentic masters. So the quality of the education you will receive is absolutely outstanding.

Another great thing is that you can try different classes at different levels. This way you can choose the one you feel most comfortable with.

Whether you want to specialize in a palo (flamenco style), or if your goal is to get started in the different disciplines of flamenco, you can do it.

In fact, you can choose what is that you want to specifically learn. Is it flamenco dance? Flamenco technique? How to play castanets while dancing?

It’s really up to you! Get your flamenco dance lessons in Madrid.

FAQ about your flamenco dance lessons

(These questions apply to the beginners’ flamenco dance lessons in Madrid)

What should you wear?

When attending your in-person flamenco class, try to wear something comfortable that you can move easily in.

Wear a top that gives your arms plenty of unrestricted movement.

Don’t wear trousers that are very long in the leg as a tap or stamp on the floor needs to sound clean, and you won’t be able to achieve this if you are treading on your hem.

And what about the footwear?

When it comes to footwear, sandals are not the best option. You’ll need to protect your feet and legs when you’re doing the footwork.

However, take into account that with a pair of sneakers you won’t be able to make that distinctive tap noise that’s so satisfying. So try to wear solid-soled shoes (not rubber) that produce sound when you walk on them.

What if you’ve never done flamenco or any type of dance?

No problem at all. The flamenco school has students of all levels. The teachers will give you the tools you need to be able to do this.

What if you know nothing about flamenco at all?

There’s nothing to worry about. That’s what your flamenco dance lessons are for.

All the school teachers are known for their strong technical skills, attention to detail, and passion as performers and instructors.

What are their flamenco dance lessons like?

The school’s classes emphasize technique, improvisation, and the relationship between the cante (singing), baile (dancing), and compás (rhythm) through a positive community based learning environment.

The owners believe that focusing on these skills and paying respect to where flamenco comes from are essential in allowing students to grow into strong flamenco dancers. According to them, learning is an interactive process that should be fun.

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