Experience an authentic flamenco show: Madrid has tons of great options

Are you keen to see a flamenco show? Madrid offers a wide variety of relatively small and intimate venues where you may discover your passion for flamenco.

If you plan to visit Madrid, you should definitely immerse yourself into the contagious passion of a flamenco show and experience it first hand in all its glory.

Whether you want to go to a tablao flamenco, you are looking for a traditional show or you prefer an authentic flamenco show, Madrid offers you a full array of experiences.

You don’t know where to go with so many choices… Well, here is the best flamenco show in Madrid for you.


Experience an authentic flamenco show: Madrid has tons of great options

The best piece of advice I can give you is to look for authenticity, and avoid tourist traps.

Avoid those tablaos (or other venues where flamenco shows are performed) located on main streets and tourist areas. They are not really a tourist trap in the sense that no one is going to rip off… But the experience you will have is not up to the mark.

For a real and authentic flamenco show, trust this personal advice!

I have listed them below from the most obvious to the ones only Madrileños know and go to. And I have also added some practical information to help you choose the one that suits you best.


Essential Flamenco

Address: Calle de La Cruz, 26

Shows: Every day of the year. 1st show at 19:30 or 20:30, 2nd show at 21:00 or 22:00, depending on the season, it also organizes shows at 22:30.

Tickets: Only the show, no food or drinks are included (available online)

Essential Flamenco holds nightly flamenco shows and the performances, featuring dance, singing, guitar and percussion. The idea is to give you an authentic show at a reasonable price.

You will be taken on a journey to the roots of flamenco: from its inception, flamenco has flourished in intimate settings. Artists danced and sang before a small group of friends without any amplification or microphones. This is exactly what Essential Flamenco wants you to experience.

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La Cueva de la Lola

Address: Calle Mancebos, 2

Shows: Every day of the year. 1st show from 19:00 to 20:00, 2nd show from 20:45 to 21:45.

Tickets: Show or show + museum ticket (available online)

La Cueva de la Lola is 2-floor space containing a 17th century cave, offering a unique place to enjoy an authentic flamenco show.

Enjoy the most influential artists of the current flamenco scene in an environment that blends tradition and modernity. It’s a place where its owners live flamenco and they invite you to live the flamenco experience with them.

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Amor de Dios

Address: Calle Álvarez Quintero, 48

Shows: Every day of the year. 1st show from 19:00 to 20:00, 2nd show from 20:30 to 21:30.

Tickets: Only the show, no food or drinks are included (available online)

If you want to discover real and authentic flamenco in Madrid, skip the typical tablao and opt for this cultural experience instead, where you will enjoy a fantastic performance of a group of Spanish artists.

This intimate experience trades the typical staged show for a more intimate gathering, where artists and performers come together for an informal flamenco session. Watch a dancer, musician, and live vocalists demonstrate this historic art form, and encounter passionate flamenco rhythms.

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Taberna Flamenca El Cortijo

Address: Calle Josefa Díaz, 4

Shows: Every night. The show starts at 20:30 and ends at 21:15.

Tickets: Tapas + show or menu à la carte + show (available online)

Taberna Flamenca El Cortijo is a very small and intimate venue. The owner will give you a behind the scenes education of flamenco (both theory and practical) before the show, which will be very eye opening. The artists know what she they are doing while they exude talent and passion. The musicians are on point and full of passion adding great color notes and are a perfect company for an amazing set of dancers.

The only downside is that the venue is far away from the city center, so you will need to use public transportation to get there. Alternatively, if you book your tickets online, everything will be taken care of.

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