Getting to Madrid: plane

There are many options to arrive to Madrid. Plane is the fastest and most comfortable one, especially if you are traveling from far away.

In addition to this, Madrid is a very well connected city thanks to its international airport, a large complex that links the Spanish capital with cities across Europe and the rest of the world.


Airlines operating at Madrid Airport

With so many airlines operating at Madrid Airport and a wide number of destinations, it’s always good to know how to reach Madrid and where to fly from it. This is particularly true if you are planning a multi-destination trip around Spain or Europe.

AENA, the public company managing the airport, shows the airlines that operate between Madrid and any other city in the world.

In addition to this, Flightradar24 is the world’s most popular flight tracker. You can track planes in real-time on the flight tracker map and get up-to-date flight status & airport information.

Actually, it is a great tool to track any airport activity, like Madrid Airport flights.

It’s really simple.

Go to the bottom left corner and tap on the

  • Arrivals icon to check the current flights landing at Madrid Airport.
  • Departures icon to check the current flights taking of from Madrid Airport.

Once you have done it, the screen will refresh and will only show the flights corresponding to the option you have selected.


Search your plane tickets to Madrid

There is a lot of research and information to collect when planning your trip. One of the first things you will do is look for your plane tickets to Madrid.

Booking your flights should come even before booking your hotel or apartment. With so many hotels to choose from, you will be able to find the right place to stay to correspond with the dates you have chosen to fly, especially if you start with my handy guide to the best hotels in Madrid

Let’s get to the point.

Are there really cheap airline tickets to Madrid?

Short answer: yes!

You only need to learn a few tricks and hacks on how to find very cheap international flights.

Once you have become a master (which is not as hard as it seems, it is only a matter of time), look for cheap air flights to Spain.


A complete Madrid Airport guide

Madrid Airport is known as Aeropuerto Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas, which is also the name of the town in the outskirts of Madrid where it is located. The international code of the airport is MAD.

Madrid has Spain’s biggest and most important airport both for its size (five terminals and three control towers) and for the number of passengers that use it (40+ million per year). Almost 80 airlines operate here and more than 250 routes are served.

Have a look at some practical information related to Madrid Airport transfers:

If you have an early morning flight, where you stay the night before makes a huge difference in your day. Or, if you have a late arrival, you might like to stay at the airport for a night instead of trying to figure out trains the moment you touch down. Madrid Airport hotels are perfect for times like this.


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