Getting to Madrid

getting to madrid

Getting to Madrid is extremely easy. Almost 80 airlines, excellent train networks and buses that frequently arrive and depart from the city are all excellent options. It will all depend on your schedule and itinerary.

You may also want to know more about moving around Madrid.

Getting to Madrid by plane

Thanks to the dramatic increase of cheap and efficient low cost air travel companies, the easiest and fastest way to arrive in Madrid is by plane. All the major airline alliances as well as an important number of low cost carriers serve the city.

Whether you are flying from another European city or from somewhere else all over the world, chances are you won’t need a layover to get to Madrid, and finding very cheap international flights won’t be hard.

Here is a complete guide on how to fly to Madrid to help you with your flights, tickets and airport transfers.

Arriving to Madrid by train

Trains allow you to arrive in comfort without the stress of having to drive, deal with traffic jams, looking for directions and parking. In a train you get room to get up and stretch you legs. Plus, on the long-distance trains, you have the option of snacking in the cafeteria.

Madrid can be easily reached by train, especially from Barcelona, Seville and Valencia, where you can catch a high-speed train. Apart from some international routes (e.g. from Paris or Lisbon), most suburbs and surrounding towns are also well connected by train.

If you plan to make several train trips around Spain, you may want to have a closer look at a complete guide about train travel in Spain.

Getting to Madrid by bus

Bus travel in Spain is the cheapest and most affordable travel option but unfortunately not the fastest. Additionally, Spanish buses are generally modern, comfortable and reliable.

Getting to Madrid by bus is easy, the city’s excellent location in the center of the country facilitates the communication with other cities. Madrid has two main bus stations from which you can go to other regions of Spain or abroad.

If you intend to travel around Spain by bus, here’s a complete guide about bus travel in Spain.

Arriving to Madrid by car

Arriving to Madrid by car is perhaps the slowest of options. However, you’ll get to see the unique Spanish countryside on your way here. So if you intend to go on a road trip, I’ve put up a complete guide on renting a car in Spain.

Before hiring a car you should be aware of the pros and cons of driving around Madrid. If you haven’t been to Madrid before you should consider using the excellent public transportation the city has instead.

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