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Madrid Taxi: Service And Transport

The official Madrid taxi is white with a red diagonal stripe across the front door. If the taxi is free it will display a green light on the roof.

Using a taxi in Madrid is a comfortable and fast option compared to other means of public transport, particularly if you are in a rush and need to be somewhere in a short time.

It is also considerably more expensive than the Metro and the bus, especially if you have a tourist transport pass or a Metrobús, two particular tickets that can save you lots of money.



Prices are based on the official rate as fixed by Madrid City Hall and are generally updated every year (mid-December).

There is always an obligatory minimum fare of when the meter is switched on.

There are two rates of pay, depending on whether or not you are travelling during peak or off-peak times.

  • Fare 1: Monday to Friday from 6:00 to 21:00
  • Fare 2: All other days and times (weekdays from 21:00 to 6:00, weekends and holidays)



Here is a complete list of the official supplements that you can pay.

  • Picking up a taxi at Madrid Barajas airport.
  • Journeys beginning from a taxi rank at a bus station, railway station or approach road to.
  • Travelling to or from Madrid’s exhibition fair site, the Parque Ferial Juan Carlos I (also known as IFEMA).
  • Journeys on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve that end between 21:00 and 06:00 (Boxing Day or New Year’s Day).

Have a look at some practical advice to avoid being scammed by taxi drivers.


Additional Information

There is no supplement for pets, wheelchairs and luggage, as long as the trunk and/or roof rack of the vehicle has sufficient capacity.

Be sure to always check that the driver has started the meter, and that it is set to the right rate. The driver must be able to justify all additional supplements.

A few taxis accept cards, but this is the exception rather than the rule. It is advisable to always have enough cash handy.

If you happen to travel to Madrid during the summer, note that it is the driver’s obligation to turn on the air conditioner if you, as a customer, ask for it. Some drivers may tell you that the air conditioner is broken so as to save gas. In this case, you are entitled to fill a complaint.

If you wonder how much would a taxi cost to/from the airport, read more about