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First Time In Madrid?

If this is your first time in Madrid, your first question should be “what should I not to miss when I get there?” By following the list of top things to visit below, you’re guaranteed a great time in the city, full of unforgettable sights and monuments.


When Is The Best Time To Visit Madrid?

When is the best time to visit Madrid? It’s a buzzing city all year round, but the rhythm and activities vary from one season to another. It is an appealing destination with something interesting going on no matter when you go.


List Of Maps Of Madrid (Spain)

To move around Madrid you’re going to need several maps of Madrid Spain. Each one covers different necessities that you’ll have along your trip planning and preparation.


Getting Money In Spain

Let’s see how to get money in Spain. What is the easiest and safest way to get cash in Spain? Here is everything you need to know on ATMs, changing cash, and using debit and credit cards in Seville.


Tipping In Spain: When And How Much?

Tipping in Spain is completely different than in other countries such as the US or Canada, where tipping usually comes mandatory and probably in somewhat significant amount.


The Madrid Travel City Pass

The Madrid Travel City Pass (also known as Tourist Ticket or Billete Turístico) allows you to use of all public transport in the Madrid region for an unlimited number of trips during a certain period of time. So it’s an incredibly practical and profitable way to get around the city!


The Madrid Card

The Madrid Card is a city pass or tourist card. It is a useful tool that you should get as soon as you start planning your trip to Madrid, and before you leave home. Once you have your iVenture Madrid Card, you are the owner of a discount card good for a set number of attractions or 7 days with full access to over 20 museums and attractions.


Fun Facts About Spain

This is all about fun facts about Spain. Some are real, some are just rumours and others are curious things that our visitors find weird. It’s true, we are one of a kind.


Spain: Visa Requirements


In Spain, travel visa requirements vary according to nationality, intended length of stay and purpose of the trip (e.g. tourism, studies). Whether you need a tourist visa for Spain or not will solely depend on your passport.


Madrid, Capital Of Spain

Madrid is the capital of Spain and the country’s largest city. It is also the most populated city, with its 3.3 million inhabitants and more than 6.5 million in its metropolitan area.


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