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How To Buy A Prepaid SIM Card In Madrid

Buying a prepaid SIM card is the best way to get internet connection during your holiday in Madrid. Wi-Fi is common in Spain and you’ll usually find it in hotels and rental properties, as well as many coffee shops and restaurants.


My 15 Best Madrid Travel Tips

Have a look at my 15 best Madrid travel tips. Are you preparing for your first trip to the Madrid? Here’s my beginner’s guide to the city, complete with advice on essential things to do (and not to do), and a few pointers on where to eat and sleep.


When Is The Best Time To Visit Madrid?

When is the best time to visit Madrid? It’s a buzzing city all year round, but the rhythm and activities vary from one season to another. It is an appealing destination with something interesting going on no matter when you go.


First Time In Madrid?

If this is your first time in Madrid, your first question should be “what should I not to miss when I get there?” By following the list of top things to visit below, you’re guaranteed a great time in the city, full of unforgettable sights and monuments.


The Ultimate Madrid Travel Planning Guide

Your first step should be create a Madrid travel planning guide. I’m aware that the best part of planning a trip is creating a collection of beautiful images of your destination, but you should definitely gather as much information as possible and start trying to figure out the basics of your trip.


Fun Facts About Spain

This is all about fun facts about Spain. Some are real, some are just rumors and others are curious things that our visitors find weird. It’s true, we are one of a kind.


Travel Essentials To Pack For Your Trip To Madrid

What are the must-have travel essentials that you should prepare and pack for your trip to Madrid? What you do before you go on vacation can help make your trip hassle free and your return home a little more relaxing.


Spain: Visa Requirements


In Spain, travel visa requirements vary according to nationality, intended length of stay and purpose of the trip (e.g. tourism, studies). Whether you need a tourist visa for Spain or not will solely depend on your passport.


Madrid, Capital Of Spain

Madrid is the capital of Spain and the country’s largest city. It is also the most populated city, with its 3.3 million inhabitants and more than 6.5 million in its metropolitan area.


Madrid Experiences: Enjoy The City Like A Local

Don’t stick to the regular Madrid experiences. Enjoy it like a local instead. Few European capitals can compare to Madrid when it comes to spoil visitors with an incredibly good time.