The best Christmas markets in Madrid (2023)

christmas markets in madrid

Where are the best Christmas markets in Madrid? As locals set off in search of the best bargains for their seasonal shop, most Madrileños abandon major chain stores and brand names to wander through the stalls of a festive market.

These markets are the best option to find something different and unique for the holiday season. And it’s one of my absolute favorite things to do in Madrid at Christmas!

Mercado de Navidad de la Plaza Mayor

This is the biggest of the city’s Christmas markets in Madrid, and it has been held since the 19th century…

Already one of the most famous spots in Madrid, the Plaza Mayor gets transformed into the city’s most popular traditional Christmas market. The balconies are adorned with beautiful candle-shaped lights, and 104 tiny red cabins line the square selling everything from Nativity scenes (belén in Spanish) and Christmas ornaments toys jokes for the Día de los Santos Inocentes on the 28th of December – the equivalent in Spain to your April Fool’s Day.

Given its central location, this market is perhaps the busiest in all of Madrid, but don’t let the crowds intimidate you. Get stuck in and you’re sure to come away with a great Christmas gift, something special and typical of Madrid!

Where: Plaza Mayor
When: November 24th – December 31st

Mercado de Navidad de la Plaza de España

La Navideña, the Christmas market in the Plaza de España arrives for the second year  to offer a wide range of activities for the whole family – a huge natural ice rink, craft and gastronomic stalls, as well as experiential theatrical and circus performances.

In this space located in the renovated Plaza de España, you’ll find leisure, with a natural ice rink; culture, with theatrical and circus shows; gastronomy, with food stalls, and handicraft and craft stalls.

Where: Plaza de España
When: November 23rd – January 7th

Feria mercado de artesanía

Traditionally held in Plaza de España, from 2021 the Artisan’s Market takes place in Paseo de Recoletos. This market features showcases of art and over 155 artisan workshops.

Head over to check out very unique products from Madrid as well as 11 other regions around Spain. You’ll find everything here from toys and games, handmade musical instruments, woodworking, jewelry, ceramics, and clothing.

Where: Paseo de Recoletos (from Plaza de Colón to Plaza de Cibeles)
When: December 1st – December 30th

La Navideña (Mercadillo Plaza de España)

La Navideña, the Christmas market in Plaza de España arrives one more year during the Christmas season to offer a wide range of activities for the whole family. You can enjoy a 450 m² natural ice rink, 0 stalls of exclusive artisan products offer the best gift ideas for this Christmas season, as well as experiential theatrical and circus performances.

The space has also a large gastronomy area that includes outdoor stalls and an indoor gourmet restaurant: El Alpino, where its dishes and décor will transport you to the Swiss Alps.

This year there is a giant Christmas ball, which in past years was located in Calle Gran Vía, in front of the Metropolis Building. Now it’s near the entrance to the Sabatini Gardens, and is lit from November 23 until January 7.

In addition to this, the decoration and setting is recreated around the famous tale The Nutcracker, making a nod to the history of the square itself and the San Gil Barracks that was located there years ago. La Navideña will feature decorative towers, statues of nutcracker dolls and tin soldiers.

Where: Plaza de España
When: December 1st – January 7th

Mercadillo de Navidad El Corte Inglés Castellana

El Corte Inglés de Castellana is once again organizing its traditional Christmas market, a place to find the perfect gift for Christmas and a place with a wide variety of gastronomy and food trucks.

As every year, numerous stalls distributed in the parking lot of the Corte Inglés of Castellana have the main Christmas items such as ornaments, gifts, crafts and typical Christmas-themed sweets. There are figures for the nativity scene or toys for the little ones with special exhibits that brands such as LEGO have prepared for this special market.

As for the gastronomic offer this year has an important novelty – the presence of a new food truck where you can taste the latest creations of Michelin star chef Dabiz Muñoz. His new street proposal is based 100% on chicken with the special frying that is already a hallmark of ‘elgoxo’ where the Chicken Waffle dish stands out.

Starting at 18:00 every day the market organizes a music and light show with shows every half hour that is projected on the El Corte Inglés building.

Where: Calle Raimundo Fernández Villaverde, 79
When: November 20th – January 5th

Mercadillo de la Plaza de Colón

Not far away from the Feria mercado de artesanía you can find this charming Christmas market.

There you’ll find stalls of sweets, crafts, toys, jewelry, decorations. But there’s also an outdoor ice rink with DJ sessions and a vintage-style carousel for the little ones. This is one of the main Christmas markets that you can find in the Salamanca district.

Where: Plaza de Salvador Dalí
When: November 27th – January 7th

Mercadillo del Museo Reina Sofía

Just off the Museo Reina Sofía, right in the heart of Madrid, the Plaza de Juan Goytisolo holds an annual craft market. Over 20 stalls sell sweets, Christmas decorations and beautifully handcrafted accessories that make lovely souvenirs to take home from Spain. And if you want to practice sports, you can skate on the ice rink.

Where: Plaza de Juan Goytisolo
When: November 30th – January 5th

Mercadillo del Gato

One of the most diverse Christmas markets in Madrid is the Mercadillo del Gato – another must stop if you’re looking for that special unique gift this Christmas.

This cool pop-up market is the place to come if you want to find something less bauble-related and more stylish. The stalls are populated by young, local designers selling everything from clothes, jewelry, one-of-a-kind trinkets, accessories, art, games and vintage homewares.

Where: Calle de la Gran Vía, 13
When: December 15th – January 5th

Mercadillo Navideño de Madrid Río

Located behind the Casa del Reloj and next to Matadero cultural center, to the South of Madrid, the Mercadillo Navideño de Madrid Río is a very special Christmas market.

Get there and enjoy 300+ free activities for all ages, tastes and sensitivities. These include crafts stands, classic Christmas concerts and DJs, dance and singing sessions, games, workshops, fashion shows, diverse shows, film cycles and much more.

Where: Paseo de la Chopera, 14
When: December 3rd – January 7th

Adventsbasar German market

To bring the atmosphere of the German markets (called Weihnachtsmarkts) to Madrid, the community of the German Evangelical Church sets up this market at the end of November for three days and an extra day in early December.

This is an authentic German market with crafts, advent crowns, raffle, German food and Glüwein (hot, spiced wine). You can toast with mulled wine and beer, buy ornaments, and browse through their market. Don’t forget to purchase your tickets for the Adventsbasar German market in advance!

Where: Paseo de la Castellana, 6
When: December 1st (18:00-22:00), December 2nd (14:00-22:00), and December 3rd (12:00-16:00).

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