10 unique Christmas present ideas from Madrid

christmas present ideas

Are you looking for some great Christmas present ideas from Madrid? The shopping season starts so if you happen to be in Madrid during Christmastime, it’s a great moment to look for that perfect present.

From food stuffs to a typical belén, the city certainly has its fair share of amazing typical Spanish presents.

Wondering what to stuff your suitcase with for friends and family this year? Here are 10 awesome Christmas present ideas to inspire you.

1. A belén

The tradition of creating Nativity scenes (belén in Spanish) to commemorate the birth of Jesus in Spain is thought to be some seven centuries old.

Around Christmas time most Spanish families set up belenes in their homes. Actually, you’ll also see them everywhere: in the City Hall, and even shop windows.

So head to any Christmas market in Madrid where you’ll be sure to find nativity scenes figurines and sets for sale.

2. Christmas sweets

Christmas is the time when the Spanish rich gastronomic mix is at its high point. There is such a wide variety of Christmas sweets that you’ll want to taste everything! From turrón and polvorones to mantecados and mazapán… Not to mention the classic roscón de Reyes!

Christmas present ideas: turrón

There are two traditional, basic types of turrón: soft Jijona or turrón blando, which is so smooth it has the consistency of peanut butter, and hard Alicante or turrón duro, which is like a thick almond nougat candy, similar to the texture of peanut brittle.

You can buy the best turrón at Casa Mira (Calle San Jerónimo, 30).

Christmas present ideas: polvorones and mantecados

Polvorones are traditional Spanish Christmas cookies that are flavored with almonds and are crumbly in texture.

Mantecados refers to a variety of shortbread cookies, featuring a delicate anise flavor accented with lemon and cinnamon.

Get them both at Horno San Onofre (Calle Mayor, 73).

Christmas present ideas: mazapán

Mazapán, made of sugar an almond, can come in the shape of little figures, covered with sugars or pine nuts or can even contain a rich, delicious filling.

You can find them at Confitería El Riojano (Calle Mayor, 10).

Christmas present ideas: roscón de Reyes

Spain’s roscón de Reyes is a sort of sweet bread (similar to a brioche) which is sometimes filled with sweet whipped cream and has candied fruit adorning the top.

Because it’s more of a bread, it tends to loose its softness so try it while you are in Madrid instead of taking it back home.

You can do so at La Duquesita (Calle Fernando VI, 2) or at La Mallorquina (Puerta del Sol, 8 and Velázquez, 39).

3. A pair of alpargatas

This oldest and most traditional Spanish shoe is called alpargata (espadrille). The basic kind of espadrille is made of two pieces of sturdy cotton sewn to a flat hemp sole by hand.

Even the humble espadrille, though, is subject to the whims of fashion. These days even the most traditional shops also sell factory-made espadrilles in a variety of styles and will custom-make them in different fabrics.

Be sure to try them out at Casa Hernanz (Calle Toledo, 18).

4. Jamón and cheese

What would Spain be without its famous jamón? There’s no better way to eat ham than pairing it with some incredible manchego cheese and sharing with family and friends. There are so many places in Madrid where you can get some of the best cured products in the country.

Mercado Jamón Ibérico (Calle Mayor, 80) might be the best place in Madrid to buy jamón (and some delicious cheeses too!).

Alternatively, you can always go to El Corte Inglés Gourmet Experience (Plaza de Callao, 2).

5. Handicrafts

Some of the must-see Christmas markets located in the center of the city are filled with stalls selling beautiful, unique handcrafted jewelry, toys and ornaments.

So if you’re looking for a special present this Christmas, there’s where to find it!

6. A bottle of Spanish wine

Wine makes a wonderful present at Christmas time. With so many typical Spanish wines available, why not give your present a unique twist by purchasing one of the country’s specialties?

The best option is Lavinia (Calle Ortega y Gasset, 16), a large well lit contemporary store with about every name in Spanish wine you could imagine arranged mostly geographically

Alternatively, head to Bodega de Santa Cecilia (Calle Blasco de Garay, 74) where you can choose from dozens of different wine denominations.

Or go to Los Rosales (Calle Echegaray, 17) where you will find some hidden gems to add a Spanish flavor to your festive celebrations.

7. A Real Madrid shirt

Are your loved ones die-hard football fans? Then, you need to make sure to bring them original football merch from Madrid.

And it won’t be difficult to find the perfect shops for that!

There are several official Real Madrid shops in the city center where you can find all kinds of sportswear and accessories from Real Madrid:

  • The biggest Real Madrid store is located at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium next to gate 30 (Avenida de Concha Espina, 1).
  • There’s one in Calle del Carmen, 3.
  • Another one in Calle Gran Vía, 31.
  • And finally in Calle Arenal, 6.

8. A bottle of Spanish olive oil

The Romans considered olive oil ‘a liquid gold’ and a bottle of Spain’s favorite food accompaniment is a great Christmas present. With so many different varieties available, it’s best to head to a specialized market stall or shop to find top quality local produce.

My recommendations?

Oleoteca Gourmet La Chinata (Calle Mayor, 44) has a huge selection of olive oils and is run by local experts who are happy to talk you through each variety.

Alternatively, you can always go to El Corte Inglés Gourmet Experience (Plaza de Callao, 2).

9. Christmas lottery

The Spanish Christmas Lottery is one of the world’s largest lottery draws. With a payout of several billion euros, we usually refer to the biggest prize to El Gordo (the Big One).

It dates back to the 18th century, when King Carlos III brought the idea from Naples, and it has been celebrated every year since 1812 – even through the Spanish Civil War. So as you can imagine, Christmas lottery is extremely popular and a typical present among Spaniards.

So it can be a very original present for a relative or a friend, but most importantly, it will be a wonderful excuse to go back to Madrid: to collect the prize!

You buy a ticket pretty much everywhere. However, some Lottery offices in Madrid are extremely famous for having sold the El Gordo top prize in the past and now, during the holidays, people wait for hours to buy their Christmas ticket there. This is the case with Doña Manolita’s lottery office located on Calle del Carmen, 22.

10. An abanico

There’s no better way to cool down than by flicking out your fan and doing the job yourself. Fans (abanicos in Spanish) have long been a staple Spanish accessory, and many Spanish women continue to use them today.

Madrid’s Casa del Diego (Puerta del Sol, 12 and Calle Mesoneros Romanos, 4) has been making beautiful handmade fans since 1823 in all sorts of different colors and patterns.

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