15 cool things to do in Madrid in April (2024)

things to do in madrid in april

There are tons of things to do in Madrid in April and all of them can be very fun!

My favorite time of the year has finally arrived, and in spring, Madrid becomes even more beautiful.

While most of the northern hemisphere is still suffering from cold temperatures, Madrid starts the spring in full swing. The pleasant weather invites you to enjoy the city outdoors, enjoying its incredible gastronomy, history, nature and culture.

Below I share with you my favorite plans to enjoy if you happen to spend April in Madrid.

Explore the Museo del Prado

The Prado Museum, located in the heart of Madrid, is a must-visit if you’re interested in art and history. Celebrated for its extensive collection of over 7,600 paintings and 1,000 sculptures, the museum showcases a wide array of Spanish, Italian, and Flemish masterpieces. Notable works include Velázquez’s “Las Meninas”, Bosch’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights”, and El Greco’s “The Nobleman with his Hand on his Chest”.

Visiting the Prado Museum can be a highlight of your trip to Madrid, especially in April when the city is blooming.

However, it’s wise to plan your visit: the museum can get crowded, making it hard to enjoy the most famous pieces. That’s why I recommend opting for a guided tour with a skip-the-line ticket to ensure you don’t miss out on any key artwork or historical context.

Your English speaking guide will take you to the most important and interesting paintings and build the artistic and historical context. Because the group is small, you can ask questions easily, move efficiently, and see the work up close.

Attend the Mutua Madrid Tennis Open

The Mutua Madrid Open is one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world, part of the ATP World Tour Masters 1000 series and the WTA Premier Mandatory events. Held annually at the Caja Mágica in Madrid, Spain, this tournament attracts top tennis players from around the globe, competing for the coveted trophy and significant ranking points.

The Caja Mágica features three main courts with retractable roofs:

  • The largest, Manolo Santana Stadium, has a seating capacity of 12,500 spectators.
  • The Arantxa Sánchez Vicario Stadium can accommodate 3,500 spectators.
  • The Estadio 3 court can seat up to 2,500 people.

Looking to attend this amazing event? Secure your Mutua Madrid Open tickets and watch the world’s best tennis players compete against each other.

Join a fun and delicious tapas class

Want to join a super fun cooking class in Madrid? A professional chef will show you how to make Spain’s best tapas, which will definitely make you hungry.

You’ll start with a glass of Cava, then head to your cooking station, working in pairs to whip up several awesome tapas from different parts of Spain. It’s super hands-on, so feel free to ask the chefs anything – they’re here to make sure you all have a great time and keep your wine glasses topped up!

After you’re done cooking, you’ll move to a private dining room to eat what you’ve made along with a main course and dessert prepared by the chefs. It turns into a 6-course feast paired with 5 different Spanish wines that just keep coming. Sounds like a blast, right?

Go to see the processions in Toledo

Easter in Toledo is pretty unique and cool because of how serious and traditional it is. Especially on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, the streets are filled with people wearing traditional nazareno outfits, carrying religious floats on their shoulders.

This happens in many places in Spain, but Toledo’s got its own vibe because they do most of these processions at night. It looks amazing and fits perfectly with Toledo’s old and mysterious feel.

If you’re into exploring Spain’s history and love getting into the heart of traditions, you’ve got to check out Easter in Toledo. The city itself is super historic, and seeing these processions through the narrow streets is something else.

Treat yourself at the Arab baths

You’ve got to check out the Arab baths in Madrid. It’s this super chill spa with Arabic vibes where you can just let go and relax. Picture this: you’re sipping mint tea, surrounded by candles, and just soaking in these amazing pools. Plus, they give you an incredible massage that’s just out of this world.

Whether for relaxation or special occasions, an Arab bath spa in Madrid is an experience like no other.

It’s got this cool Arabic design with dim lighting and peaceful water all around. There you’ll find a variety of baths – like a warm one to chill in, a cold one that really wakes you up, and even a steam room that smells amazing. So why not treat yourself and escape to a faraway land of peace and tranquility?

Consider going to a bullfight

If you’re up for something truly unforgettable this April, you should definitely include a bullfight in your agenda of the things to do in Madrid.

Madrid is home to the Plaza de las Ventas, one of the world’s most famous bullfighting arenas, offering an unmatched atmosphere. While the thought of bullfighting might be a bit intense, with its vibrant history and the thrill of the spectacle, it’s something that can give you a deep dive into the local tradition. Tickets aren’t always easy to come by due to high demand, but it’s worth the effort.

It’s a bit of an adrenaline rush, mixed with cultural immersion, and it could just be the highlight of your trip. Plus, with the 2024 season kicking off, you’re guaranteed to see some of the best matadores and bulls in action. Just a tip, though: make sure to book your tickets in advance to secure your spot. It’s an experience you won’t forget!

Visit the magnificent Monasterio de El Escorial

If you’re short on time but still want to check out some cool religious spots and old monuments, this tour’s perfect. You won’t have to stress about renting a car because you’ll be hopping around in a comfortable luxury bus that’s got air-conditioning.

You’ll get to see the Monasterio del Escorial, a spot that’s so important it’s protected by UNESCO, and also the Valley of the Fallen monument and its Catholic Basilica.

The Valley of the Fallen is a big monument built back in the day to remember the Franco regime. It’s part church, part giant memorial, as Franco said it was all about making peace with the past. Building it was a huge deal, with loads of workers and some prisoners pitching in from 1942 to 1950.

Then there’s San Lorenzo de El Escorial, a cool little town not too far from Madrid, right by some mountains and great views. It’s known for the massive monastery there, which King Felipe II had built to celebrate a big win in battle and as a tribute to his family.

Stroll around El Retiro Park in spring

If you’re planning a trip to Madrid in April, you absolutely have to take a stroll around El Retiro Park.

Imagine Central Park in New York or Hyde Park in London, but with a Spanish twist. This green oasis is smack in the middle of the city and offers a perfect escape with its beautiful gardens, sculptures, and fountains.

The main entrance leads you to the stunning Monument to King Alfonso XII, next to a large artificial lake where you can rent a rowboat – super romantic or a fun activity with friends. There’s even a Crystal Palace, like a giant greenhouse, filled with exotic plants, and it’s just beautiful.

The park is known for its peaceful ambience, making it ideal for picnics, leisurely walks, or just to breathe in some fresh air.

Visit the Madrid Zoo with your children

Visiting the Madrid Zoo is a fantastic day out, especially if you’re traveling with kids and find yourselves in Madrid during April.

This delightful zoo, tucked away in the picturesque Casa de Campo park, is just a Metro ride away from central Madrid. It stands out for its successful breeding programs, allowing you to see many baby animals alongside their mothers, a sight less common in other zoos.

Designed with little visitors in mind, the zoo features a giant playground at the entrance and well-structured exhibits ensuring even the smallest children can easily see the animals. The zoo also houses a small aquarium, offering a memorable dolphin show that’s sure to be the highlight of your day.

So, if you’re looking for an outing that balances adult interests with child-friendly activities, the Madrid Zoo in April is an excellent choice.

Admire Monasterio de Las Descalzas

You should go on a guided tour around Monasterio Las Descalzas. It’s one of the prettiest monasteries in Madrid.

The Monasterio de las Descalzas Reales was founded in 1559 by Juana de Austria, the sister of Spanish King Felipe II. She was widowed fairly young, and she decided to turn her home in Madrid over to an order of nuns. This turned out to be a very good deal for the art fans among the nuns, as the princess made sure, through her own fortune, and that of her brother, to call in the best artists of Spain, and to paw through her brother’s art collection, to outfit the place in style.

Meet up with your guide at Plaza de las Descalzas, right by the entrance. They’ll show you around, starting with the awesome façade and the inside of the monastery. The main staircase is something you can’t miss – it’s got these amazing wall paintings and a stunning piece on the ceiling by Claudio Coello.

While you’re there, don’t skip the cloister, the Tapestry Room and the Choir Room. They’re filled with incredible art, like works by Zurbarán, Antonio Moro, and Luca Giorda, and some really unique features.

Discover Madrid on an eco tuk tuk

If you’re hitting up Madrid for the first time, you’ve got to try this 2-hour electric tuk-tuk tour. It’s way better than walking everywhere and way more personal than a bus tour. You’ll zip past all the cool spots in Madrid, spotting places you might want to check out more later.

Your English speaking guide hooks you up with a quick 120-minute spin around the city. You’ll get to see all the important parts of Madrid and learn some cool stuff along the way. It’s a great way to figure out what you want to do while you’re in town. Plus, it’s the best way to snap some awesome pics.

Run the Rock’n’Roll Madrid marathon

As one of the most important marathons in Europe, the race attracts professional and amateur athletes as well as more than 90,000 spectators annually.

Every April the Madrid Marathon starts from the Plaza de la Cibeles and makes its way along the Paseo de la Castellana, to then cross the oldest part of the city as well as two important parks to end at the El Retiro Park. If you decide to run, you’ll share the challenge with 15,000 runners.

Alternatively, you can run the half marathon. Half the distance, half the effort. The race starts and end at the El Retiro Park and approximately 20,000 runners participate. Or you can watch others complete this event and cheer them up along the way.

Spend the night at a flamenco show

If you’re planning to catch a flamenco show in Madrid this April, I’ve got a fantastic recommendation for you: Corral de la Morería.

It’s not just any flamenco tablao; it’s the most famous one in the world and the only Michelin-starred theater space globally. Since its opening in 1956, it’s been a beacon of flamenco art, showcasing top-tier performances in cante (singing), baile (dance), and guitar.

Beyond the stellar performances, the venue prides itself on an exquisite culinary experience led by a prestigious chef. With a seating capacity for 140 people, it offers an intimate setting where you can enjoy breathtaking flamenco alongside delicious dishes and fine wines. It’s an all-encompassing experience of art and flavor that’s sure to be unforgettable.

So, definitely consider making a night of it at Corral de la Morería. It’s more than just a show; it’s a dive into the heart of Spanish culture!

Live the thrill of a football match

If you’re thinking of catching a football match in Madrid this April, you’re in for a treat.

Madrid is home to two of the biggest football clubs in Spain, Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid, both of which have a strong local rivalry.

This results into a buzzing football scene is with some incredible matches. Imagine soaking up the atmosphere at the iconic Estadio Santiago Bernabéu or the impressive Estadio Cívitas Metropolitano.

Get there early, wear the colors of your team, and join in with the singing and chanting of the fans around you!

See Madrid on a hop-on hop-off bus

Check out this hop-on hop-off bus tour to explore Madrid in a fun way.

Madrid’s huge, but this tour bus makes it easy and fun to see all the cool spots. Start by doing a full loop on the bus to see everything from the top deck. Then, hop off whenever you like at any spot that catches your eye, especially since the bus stops near all the major sights.

There’s tons to see here, especially if you’re into art or culture. Madrid’s got the famous Golden Triangle of Art, which includes the Prado Museum, the Reina Sofía, and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.

After soaking up all that art, why not visit the Palacio Real? It’s the biggest palace in Europe and just stunning to explore, with more rooms and fancy decor than you can imagine.

Stroll through Plaza Mayor, relax in El Retiro park, go shopping on Gran Vía, and grab some tasty tapas. And yes, there’s even an Egyptian temple in Madrid, the Templo de Debod!

Madrid weather in April

April in Madrid is pretty awesome because of the warm weather and beautiful spring flowers. But remember, it does rain a lot in April, which is normal for the city. The mornings and nights can still be a bit cold, but overall, the weather during the day is pretty mild.

Temperatures in April in Madrid

April in Madrid features cold nights and early mornings with cool to comfortable afternoons.

  • The average temperature in Madrid in April for a typical day ranges from a high of 18°C (65°F) to a low of 5°C (41°F). So you could describe it as moderately chilly with a gentle breeze.
  • There’s a 21% chance of rain on an average day. And on the average raining day, you can get 10.0 mm (0.39 in) of precipitation. The average amount of time that the sky is clear or sunny (partly cloudy or less) during April is 12.2 hours (51% of the day).
  • The average day in Madrid during April has 13.3 hours of daylight.
  • This month is moderately humid with an average amount of 66% (relative humidity), which could be described as humid but cool. The wind blows at an average speed of 19.9 kph (12.4 mph).
  • You can check the forecast for your trip on your mobile weather app or on my favorite website/app – Windy.

What to wear in April in Madrid

Dressing for Madrid in April means being ready for mild but unpredictable weather, with temperatures ranging from 8°C to 16°C and possible rain showers.

Choose breathable, insulating fabrics like cotton, linen, or light wool, and prioritize comfort in your clothing choices. Madrileño fashion favors timeless, elegant pieces in neutral colors, so pack classic, versatile items and keep your look clean and well-pressed.

  • Start with light layers: a base of a t-shirt or blouse, add a sweater or cardigan, and top off with a stylish, easily removable jacket or coat.
  • A lightweight scarf adds style and warmth against the occasional chill.
  • For footwear, opt for stylish yet comfortable shoes suitable for walking, such as sneakers, ankle boots, or loafers.
  • Accessories like hats, sunglasses, and a sturdy, compact umbrella are practical and can elevate your outfit.

The goal is to balance comfort with the chic style characteristic of Madrid, allowing you to explore the city confidently and in fashion.

Accommodation in Madrid in April

After a few months of hotel bargains, April in Madrid is the start of the high season again, especially around Easter and Passover, if they fall in that month.

But it’s still possible to find good prices, especially if you look in advance.

Is April a good month to visit Madrid?

April is a fantastic time to explore Madrid because it’s during the shoulder season, which means the weather is pleasant and there aren’t as many tourists around. You can comfortably enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities without the summer crowds:

  • The city is alive with the spirit of Holy Week and Easter Day celebrations in April, offering a nice cultural experience. However, Toledo is an easy and affordable day trip from Madrid. If you’re visiting during Semana Santa and want to experience the best processions around Madrid, Toledo is the place to go.
  • If you’re into sports, you’re in for a treat with events like the Mutua Madrid Open Tennis Tournament and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid Marathon.
  • Everything is in bloom. Spring has sprung and the trees and streets are covered in colorful flowers.

Make sure to book tickets for any events or attractions in advance to avoid missing out, as they might sell out quickly.

Wondering when’s the best time to visit Madrid? I’ve got you covered. Check out my easy month-by-month guide to figure out what each season has to offer. Let’s get your trip to this awesome city sorted!

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