Things to do in Madrid in February

things to do in madrid in february

Despite not being a very popular month, there are many things to do in Madrid in February. It is still considered low season so you will definitely find convenient airfares and outstanding accommodations at incredibly cheap rates.

February marks the start of a cultural frenzy with lots of concerts, exhibitions and other performances all over the place. If you are into museums, theater, opera and music your agenda will be full in the blink of an eye.

Finally, don’t be scared by the temperatures. Compared to other European countries, winter in Madrid is milder and you will be able to spend most of the day outside. Actually, certain bars and cafeterias have a terraza all year round.

My favorite things to do in Madrid in February

February 14th: San Valentine’s Day is celebrated everywhere. Madrid can be a very romantic city if you know where to go… Strolling around El Retiro Park, exploring the center cobbled-stone alleys or indulging yourself with a special dinner are some of the things that you can do on that day.

Carnival: Dates vary from year to year. Festivities take place during a whole week, but the big day is on Sunday when people dress up and comes out to celebrate. Don’t miss the entierro de la sardina (burying of the sardine), an old and fun tradition announcing the end of the Carnival. The burial is a carnival parade parodying a funeral procession whose aim is the burning of a representation of a sardine.

Chinese New Year: The exact day changes, so check out the next one. In recent years, the Chinese New Year celebrations have become more popular as this community has grown impressively. Join a lively parade with dances, dragons, lions and other activities such as amazing fireworks. Everything takes place in Lavapiés, a neighborhood where more than 2,000 Chinese live nowadays. Preparations start at least a month ago so you can imagine that there is a lot of work involved for this spectacular event.

Other things to do in Madrid in February

ARCOmadrid: It is the most important International Contemporary Art Fair of the country. This cutting-edge art fair showcases masterpieces and artists from all over the world attracting thousands of art lovers, collectors and artists alike. ARCO usually runs from midday until the evening and lasts for five days. More than 200 galleries and 60 curators make sure that the fair accomplishes its mission of discovering artists and exploring their work. If you are an art enthusiast, this is clearly a not to miss event.

Festival de Arte Sacro: This cultural festival takes place during both February and March. It is mostly inspired in religion and it attracts a myriad of leading acts from many countries performing in theaters and churches all over Madrid. Performances include sacred music by Chamber Orchestras and Choirs, dance, plays and poetry recitals along with film screenings.

You should visit Madrid in February because

  • Multicultural festivities take place.
  • Museums generally inaugurate exhibitions.
  • Romance is everywhere.

On the contrary go to Madrid at some other time of the year if

  • You are not interested on street parades.
  • You prefer to enjoy higher temperatures.

Accommodation in Madrid in February

If the weather’s got you bummed, just know that Madrid in February is actually a win because hotel prices drop like crazy.

Definitely look into it because you can score some sweet deals. And take the chance to treat yourself with the money you save.

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